Consignment Policies

Store Policy

Consignors get paid when their items sell. They will be emailed online access to their account. They have two options for payment: 

Option 1) Let money build up in their account until they decide to either take a check in person or use as store credit

Option 2) Have a check mailed to them for any balance over $30 at the beginning of the month

*The store strives to mail all consignment checks by the 10th of the month. Balances of $29.99 and below may be picked up in person   Consignors may access their account balances online, stop by the store or call for your credit balance. Consignors will be charged a .75 cent fee per check.

Consignment Rates

For most items, consignors receive 50% of an item’s selling price if receiving a check and 55% if receiving store credit.


The selling price of consigned items is determined by OGR. Prices for clothing, footwear and accessories are discounted by the following amounts: 

0% during the 1st & 2nd month or portion thereof

10% during the 3rd month

25% during the 4th month

50% during the 5th month

OGR reserves the right to reduce prices further for sales/promotions.

Additional Policies

Any consigned item on the sales floor for 150 days becomes property of OGR.  It is the responsibility of the consignor to retrieve unsold merchandise before 150 days have expired, as consignors will not be notified as the expiration date nears. A consignor may retrieve any item at any time during this 150 day period. OGR may ask the consignor to retrieve any unsold items at any time.

All sales are final, and NO returns are accepted.